Consumer Concerns

We place a high value on your well-being. Please contact us if you have any complaints, suggestions, or feedback about our products, services, employees, or other bank-related issues. Choose any of the customer assistance channels listed below to send us your complaints, suggestions, or feedback about our products, services, employees, or anything else relating to our bank.

Consumer Assistance Channels

Call us


Email us

Drop your feedback

Feedback boxes are located infront of our costumer care in any branches.

Write to us

Rural Bank of Solano (N.V.), Inc. Corporate Head Office, Maharlika Highway, Poblacion South, Solano, Nueva Vizcaya 3709.

Visit Us

Visit our main office or any branch near you, and approach our customer service representatives for assistance with your concern or complaint.

Process for Resolving Concerns

Simple complaint/request - complaint/request where frontline staff solution or immediate explanation or action can be rendered. A resolution is immediate if it can be Resolved without the need of third-party intervention, such as outsource service providers, external auditors, or other banks. Resolution thereof must be achieved within a 7-day period.

Complex complaint/request - complaint/request which needs assessment verification, or investigation with third-party intervention. Resolution thereof may ideally be achieved within a 45- days period.


Receiving and Acknowledging


Within 2 days


Within 2 days


Investigating and Resolving


Within 7 days


Within 45 days


Communication and Resolution


Within 9 days


Within 47 days

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