Heavy Equipment Loan

To provide additional Secured loan to clients with existing current loan secured by a chattel mortgage (heavy equipment). Heavy Equipment or heavy machinery refers to heavy-duty vehicles, specially designed for the contruction industry (i.e. Backhoe, Fork lift etc.), most frequently ones involcing earthwork operations or other large contruction tasks.


  • A loyal loan client for at least 2 years with a loan account secured by mortgage over a property under borrower's name.
  • With a stable business or a stable source of income for the last 2 years;
  • With no negative record on the Character Investigation/ Background Investigation or CIBI and must undergo FRR prior to approval.
  • Must pass the cashflow analysis to assess repayment capacity
  • No previous history of restructuring in the last 2 years or has not availed of any RBS amnesty program;
  • With a good repayment record
    • delayed payment once but no longer than 1 month in the last 2 loan terms availed of.
    • on daily amortized loans, no more than 2 missed payments per term.
  • Minimal follow-up,
  • If with issued Postdated Checks, no more than 1-time request for hold on "clearing" of PDC and must not exceed two (2) weeks from the date of cheque.
  • With a Savings deposit placement or current account.

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