Pangkabuhayan sa Barrio Loan

To support the rural folks engaged in agricultural food commodity production by providing them financial assistance, the amount of which shall depend on their needed working capital for their farms/projects.


The farm activities that may be financed by the Pangkabuhayan sa Barrio Loan (I) are as follows:

A.1. Small Farmers - refer to small crop growers and small livestock and poultry raisers.

  • Small Crop Growers - refers to owner cultivator, tenants, leaseholders, etc. who are tilling not more than five (5) hectares of agricultural lands.
  • Small Poultry and Livestock Raisers - refer to those having the following maximum hog, poultry and livestock inventory at the time of accreditation by the bank:
  1. Poultry - 2,000 layers or 5,000 broilers;
  2. Swine - 10 sows or 50 fatteners;
  3. Goat/Sheep - up to 50 heads for meat and/or dairy;
  4. Cattle - 10 fatteners or 5 breeders;
  5. Dairy - 10 milking cows/carabaos

A.2. Small Fisherfolk - refers to the following:

  1. Coastal Fisherman - owns or operates fishing boat, including paraphernalia with total weight of not more than three (3) gross tons and conducts fishing activities within fifteen (15) kilometers from shore line.
  2. Fishpond Operator - owner/operator of fishpond(s) of not more than five (5) hectares including those under fishpond lease agreement (FLA).

Eligible Borrowers

  • Persons with legal age but not exceed 70 years of age;
  • Of good moral character;
  • With an existing farm/project requiring operational capital;
  • Must open a Saving deposit account and with compulsory savings of 10% of the principal amount upon full payment of loan.
  • With micro insurance (can be thru micro insurance loan)

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